About YEP 2013

Logo 2013Young European Peers (YEP), is a youth exchange which brings together 28 young people from 7 different countries all over Europe (Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg and Norway), to learn more about Human Rights, the European Union and Public Speaking. The project, which is taking place in Brussels from 17th-27th of July 2013, will empower its participants through fierce debate and intensive workshops. Organised by 7 young people, for 4 young people of each country, this set-up has already proven to be successful.

After the YEP 2012 edition in Berlin, this 2013 edition will focus on new themes: Human Rights and the European Union. That is why we choose Brussels, the centre of the EU, as location. The successful Public Speaking theme will also be present throughout the project. With workshops on the EU and Human Rights, participants’ experience and knowledge will be increased, while through speaking in public their confidence and persuasion skills will improve. All of this not in a boring teacher-classroom situation, but in a vibrant and dynamic environment where the participation of young people actively shape the project and create their own challenges, in a cultural extremely diverse group, having experienced the tragedy of the shoot-out in Norway to the war in Bosnia.
So to find their common European values, and learn how to defend them by stepping up and making their voices heard, to fight racism, xenophobia and injustice.

A varied schedule will make sure participants experience a pleasant mix of workshops and simulations which will challenge their skills, ideas and views of life combined with visits where they can see how EU institutions work in the real world and how human rights organisations influence decision making and international politics. They will participate in a European Parliament Simulation, so they can discover from the inside how EU politics work and why public speaking skills are useful. They will also get the chance to talk about their experiences with professionals in the field, asking questions and getting to know the EU from the outside and inside.
This will all be a rich experience in international cooperation and for their personal lives, and inspire them to be active in their own community, on local, national and European level.

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